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Servicing & Repairs


Interim, full and manufacturer’s recommended car servicing is carried out to Industry and manufacturer’s standards. Original Equipment (OE) parts are used, so your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty remains valid under current Block Exemption Regulations.

We know how important the quality of oil is in modern vehicles and that's why we use the Total Lubricants range and manufacturer’s specific oils to match your vehicle’s engine specification.


As a ServiceSure Autocentre we are now very pleased to be able to offer BrakeSure – Free brake pads for the lifetime of your car. Keeping your brakes in good condition is crucial to the safety of your vehicle, you and your passengers. We offer free brake pads and shoes for the lifetime of your car after you’ve had your car’s braking system optimised.


On modern vehicles, it isn’t simply a case of having the knowledge to do the job. There is a constant need to invest in new equipment to carry out repairs such as clutches, timing belts, cylinder head gaskets, engine repairs, steering, suspension and braking systems. Our workshop is equipped with the most up to date tools to carry out all types of mechanical repairs.


After moving to our workshop in Cold Norton in 2008, our first expansion was the MOT testing station in August 2009. We can carry out Class IV MOT’s, which cover cars and light commercial vehicles.


The complexity of today's vehicles means diagnostic test equipment is an essential workshop tool. On some of the latest vehicles you need diagnostic equipment to carry out routine servicing tasks, such as replacing brake pads and changing brake fluid.

We have both Snap On and Hella Gutmann diagnostics. These give us a coverage of around 90% of modern vehicles, allowing us to interrogate the ever growing number of electronic systems. Allied to this we have automotive oscilloscopes to display live electronic waveforms generated by the many sensors and control units in your vehicle.


We stock a budget range of the most common tyre sizes on site. With 2 tyre deliveries a day we are able to get branded or more unusual sizes for the afternoon or next day at very competitive prices. Please call for a quote on 01785 761862 or 07973 718133

Air Conditioning

Along with keeping you cool in the summer months your air conditioning system is used to recondition the air by drawing out moisture, dust, pollen, bacteria, particles and odours.

A typical air conditioning system can lose up to 15 per cent of its refrigerant every year, impacting on its performance and causing wear and tear to parts. We have the equipment to diagnose and carry out air conditioning re-charging, servicing and repairs and hold the necessary ATA accreditation for refrigerant handling.

Dynomec Locking Wheel Nut Remover

If you’ve lost, broken or didn’t realise you never had a locking wheel key we have the Dynomec Locking Wheel Nut Remover. Guaranteed to remove your locking wheel nut without damage to your wheel (as used by the AA).

Free Local Collection and Delivery

Because we appreciate that you have a busy life, we want to make things as easy as possible for you. We offer a free local collection and delivery service from either your home or work.